Finding Love....

Many will tell you that fitness is all about eating healthy and working out, and they would be right. However, it’s not the whole answer.

Why, because there’s a missing ingredient in the whole formula. Have you ever wondered why it’s hard to stick to a diet or workout plan? Have you wondered why it seems difficult to lose weight and keep it off? I too found myself in the same cycle for the last few years, and at the end of last year I was almost 200lbs (again). Except this time, it was harder for me to accept because I knew better, I was a fitness professional. But for some reason I couldn’t stop eating, and I couldn’t make myself work out. It wasn’t until I realized that I didn’t have a weight loss problem. I had a self-love problem. Everything that I did daily, were things that were counterproductive to my overall happiness and wellbeing. All the negative self-talk, all the analyzing myself critically in the mirror, and all the binge eating. I was tired, lethargic and unmotivated in life. I was passionate about fitness and about helping others, but I had lost it. The more I indulged in negative thoughts and behavior, the more I became depressed. I was a hamster on a wheel, going nowhere.

As a mom of 3 kids, when someone asked me if I would treat my kids the way I treat myself, I thought Hell No! I wouldn’t stand my daughter in front of the mirror and tell her what is wrong with her. I would stand her in front of the mirror and tell her what’s right. That it’s ok to love yourself while still improving your mind, body, and spirit. I would tell my sons, that they are going to be great men. I would tell my children that they are capable of doing and accomplishing anything they want. I believe in them. But I didn’t believe in myself. I didn’t love me, and I didn’t even know it. I wasn’t a good friend to myself. Realizing that was the first step to changing my life. When I stopped hating me, I could make better choices. I don’t work out because I hate my body, it’s an act of love. I choose to eat healthier so that I can take care of my temple. When I did have a cheat meal, I didn’t berate myself for eating that. Instead I allowed myself to enjoy a treat, because I deserved to have a treat sometimes. If I didn’t get a workout in today, it’s ok. I stopped speaking negatively over my life. I stopped saying what I felt, and started speaking what I wanted to be. Now I realize my journey didn’t need to be perfect, but daily steps of self-love.

I began the journey to self improving from the inside out. I started searching within to find the lies I believed about myself. Those negative thoughts come from somewhere. Next, I began to replace those negative beliefs with the truth of who I really am. It wasn't easy, but it's worth it. Then working out and eating healthy became easier. I could do what was right for me because I finally started believing I was worth it. I knew that this time how I approached fitness would be more than about losing weight, but helping others find their full potential in life. My desire is not only to help you improve your body, but find the power to live the life you always desire. We all deserve that. It’s ok to love you.

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