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Bold - because in order for us to continue to level up, we must be Bold in life. You are courageous and confident. We will live fearlessly and on our own terms.

Original - This is about being your authentic self. Walking in your truth. You were beautifully and wonderfully made. No one can be you, do you, or have what God have for you. You are an Original!

Dynamic - Your presence lights up a room every time you walk in. You are leader in every way possible. You will never dim your light, even if it makes others uncomfortable. You are full of energy, new ideas, and a positive attitude.

Iconic - You don't conform, you stand out! You are your own Brand, and an Icon. When others see you, They see a Woman that walks in the confidence of her own skin, the knowledge that she is divinely made, and the knowledge that she is Powerful beyond measure.



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